Email list verification service

You might just not think much about your emails‘ bounce rates, yet they may essentially figure out the number of people discover your emails. Internet regulators (such as ISPs and anti-spam groups) set limits for bounces, spam complaints and unsubscribe applications. If you provide campaigns to non-active users and rise above these particular benchmarks, you will definitely make an appearance lower in inboxes and might even have your account retarded by your ESP for email list verification service

Guard your emailer reputation score

All business that send email strategies are specified a sender reputation score. IT IS a little bit like a credit score. If you send a lot of bounced or unwanted emails, this will leave a negative mark on your sender history. Also, just like credit history, once your reputation drops, it can be tricky to build it up again.

Save money and get better campaign results

Verifying your list means that you’ll no longer send to dead email addresses. With these removed, your open and click-through rates will definitely give you more awareness into your users’ actual interests. Plus, having fewer people on your list will help you save money and improve ROI.

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